we offer life & relationship coaching

Working with a life coach is a highly personalized experience that involves quality one-on-one time and deep meaningful examination. Most people who choose a life coach are not only looking for someone to partner with to relieve and heal emotional pain but also someone who can support them in learning how to do that for themselves. It’s a more powerful and a more intimate process than reading just reading a book or doing an online course.  When clients and coaches are matched well, profound life changes take place naturally.

If you are tired of feeling miserable, frustrated or just tired of being tired then work with me. I can help. With me, I can give you new perspectives where you may not be able to see your patterns that keep you stuck in unsatisfied with life, unhealthy relationships, and not able to grow and move forward.


With Relationship Coaching you will develop a keen awareness of your self-worth, heighten your emotional intelligence (EQ) and take the journey to emotional maturity. As your personal coach, I can
help you learn what it means to establish and maintain a healthy relationship. I will help you develop

effective communication patterns, empower you to live your truth and remind you that you are the “right one” to nurture, care for, believe in and cherish you.


Below are some common solvable relationship problems that couples deal with:


  • You feel blamed and criticized – you might even feel like you’re walking on eggshells
  • You partner doesn’t listen to you
  • You feel unappreciated and lonely
  • You are struggling to trust and recover from past betrayals
  • You sense there is something fundamentally wrong with you


Bonded Couples

Adjusting the way partners communicate and showing that they understand each other can significantly change the course of a relationship

  • Conflict becomes a catalyst for understanding each other, and creating a deeper emotional connection
  • Your needs are understood clearly and are met willingly
  • Old wounds are healed and trust is restored (a must if you’ve been betrayed)
  • You’ll know how stop reoccurring fights before they escalate out of control
  • You feel deeply understood, admired, and appreciated as you are now
  • You both are intentional about making time for each other to emotionally connect