Your Relationships, Your Mental Wellness.


Coach Nia

Welcome and Thank you for stopping by.

Through my coaching, I help people who:

  • want to improve or fix their relationship with themselves or someone else,
  • lower their defenses and heal from their past or heartache, move from pain to peace
  • want to resolve a deep or long-standing issue in their life, improve their self esteem
  • want solution-focused, goal-focused,
  • want a compassionate, non-judgmental environment,
  • want to actually achieve their goals



Most of us want relationships that are healthy and full of happiness. But sometimes we hit a bumpy road. If you are looking to improve, fix, or make a decision about a relationship that is affecting your happiness and maybe also your health, I can likely help you. Relationship coaching also helps you to resolve issues in other areas of your life that your relationship problems are affecting such as your career, fitness, hobby, and other relationships.

Research shows quality relationships help us to be happier, healthier and live longer while living in a high-conflict relationship is very bad for our overall health. So, addressing our relationships is vital for our health and wellness.

I help clients with relationships with their spouse, partner, parents, friends, children, and more, and usually help them to achieve big changes in just 4-6 sessions.

You may find that you also lower your defenses, eliminate anxiety or overcome depression, or increase your self-esteem or confidence.

My relationship coaching is proactive, solution-focused, and you’ll find my coaching style compassionate, non-judgmental and uplifting. I have been working with families, couples and kids for over 15 years. I am a Licensed Behavioral Specialist (Pennsylvania), Certified Professional Coach, and am a published author of Defenses: Getting out of Emotional Prison.


Below are some common solvable relationship problems that couples deal with:


  • You feel blamed and criticized – you might even feel like you’re walking on eggshells
  • You partner doesn’t listen to you
  • You feel unappreciated and lonely
  • You are struggling to trust and recover from past betrayals
  • You sense there is something fundamentally wrong with you
  • Anxiety and/or depression symptoms
  • Lacking intimacy (emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Lacking good communication

what you will achieve with while working with me

  • Conflict becomes a catalyst for understanding each other, and creating a deeper emotional connection
  • Your needs are understood clearly and are met willingly
  • Old wounds are healed and trust is restored (a must if you’ve been betrayed)
  • You’ll know how stop reoccurring fights before they escalate out of control
  • You feel deeply understood, admired, and appreciated as you are now
  • You both are intentional about making time for each other to emotionally connect