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Meet Nia

Hi, I’m Nia. I am a Mother, Wife, Author, Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Behavioral Specialist, mental health advocate and owner/founder of NiaTalks. I have spent over 20 years of dedicating my work to promoting mental wellness. I have worked with communities, churches, families, schools, universities to educate and advocate for mental health. 

Everyone has the power to heal. In life we all have faced things that shook us to our core and caused trauma. Yet, we have the power to heal. The work is learning how to face life head on— and from your most authentic self.

As your coach, what I can promise is that you don’t have to do the work alone, Love…we can do it together. My coaching approach allows me to relate to others provides which provides me the opportunity to illuminate hope, confidence and awareness.

Even though, we go through traumatic experiences, we always have a choice to overcome, heal and move forward. I am here not only as the emotional support you will need but also to coach you through every step of the phase.

As you embark on your journey to healing, know that you will need to heal from the inside out. My strategies, teaching and activities will teach you how to do just that.

Life presents us with struggles, but it doesn’t mean we stay stuck. I understand that we all have “junk” that will hold us back if left untreated. Regardless of what you are going through this experience of coaching is about learning the fundamental aspects of being an emotionally healthy person. This is about your mental heal.

I can help you on your journey!


I have worked with many people through every phase of life. I understand the unique struggles we all face today in the workplace, at home, and in our relationships because I have experienced these unique situations myself.

I am here not only as the emotional support you will need but also here to coach you through each phase.

My Special topics include:



It’s a blessing to me that you’re here. It reassures me that my God given gift as teacher is intentional and that I can be helpful.


Take a deep breath and release it—I’ve got you.