Reading Defenses: Getting out of Emotional Prison is like having your own personal life coach who is there to navigate you through the difficult times, difficult relationships with your family, significant other or co-workers and those not so happy days. Nia shares her insights with readers on what she has learned both through her career as a clinician and her own life lessons. Unmourned or unexpressed hurts or events from our past can block our ability to be emotionally free. The book provides readers with examples of how our defense mechanisms serve to impede our natural healing process. Defenses: Getting out of Emotional Prison helps to discover those things that get in the way of recognizing and overcoming obstacles that can create unnecessary misery, confusion and emotional baggage in our lives. In the past two decades, Nia has had therapeutic discoveries from her clients, friends, family and even herself and in her journey, it has been discovered that living in truth allows the healing process to begin. The book’s chief message is to not allow our defense mechanisms to become a permanent source of coping and to address hurt the moment it occurs so that you don’t have to live in an “emotional prison”.


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