Antania “Nia” Barnes is known for her strength and encouraging spirit flowing out of her sincere mission to help others. She is a therapist, certified professional coach, owner of Nia’s Relationship & Life Coaching, LLC and an author, with a vision to impact people to live emotionally healthy lives. As a professional life coach, Nia’s ability to relate to others provides her with the opportunity to illuminate hope, confidence and awareness. Nia always encourages individuals to build a healthy self-esteem. As a champion for emotional well-being, Nia holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and has an extensive background in the mental health field totaling 20 years of experience. Her expertise involves working in both local and state government in areas of: case management, child welfare, juvenile justice and quality management of behavioral health care services throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Nia was also recognized for her continued dedication to the Human Service field and subsequently was recognized in 2011-2012 by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

As a writer, Nia was featured in NiaMagazine for her article “You Can’t Mix Seasonable People with Lifetime Expectations”. She also published her first book titled “Defenses Getting Out of Emotional Prison” which discusses how defense mechanisms keep individuals stuck with emotional baggage. Nia illustrates real-life situations and provides practical solutions to being emotionally healthy. She empowers readers to embark on their journey to healing and strength so that they can move beyond their hurt to live a joyous life. She believes that in order to do so, one must live in truth and heal from the inside out. Nia continues to walk in her God given purpose by inspiring people to be resilient, strive for self-improvement, self-love and by harnessing the power within to change themselves and their life for the better. For over a decade, Nia who is an authentic, experienced clinician has been empowering and inspiring youth and adults. Her specialties include:

How to heal from emotional baggage 
Key elements to healthy relationships 
Building healthy self esteem 
Healing from heartache
Single parenting