You Deserve This ! Get Results!

Now is the time to focus on YOU and giving yourself the life you have always wanted to live. This process is about learning how to let go, heal, thrive and live in your truth.. It is time to become emotionally and mentally healthy!

Connect with a coach who can give you new perspectives  and who will support and challenge you to  get “unstuck” from a unhealthy relationships and unsatisfied  life.


The Coaching Process


If you don’t profess it, you cannot address it. Repairing the previous damage done to you is not just about your need to be better but is a result of your commitment to be vulnerable, to accept that you cannot change the past. Healthy recovery entails being honest with yourself, forgiveness, learning to accept, and practicing letting go. It’s vital that you acknowledge your feelings and feel how you feel. However, understand that you cannot stay stuck there. Unforgiveness is what keeps people stuck in an emotional prison. Although forgiveness is not easy it is necessary. Letting go of the hurt you have stored and of the emotional baggage is a necessary step in healing. Releasing hurt is an essential factor of forgiving because you release others, and you release yourself. Forgiveness is not possible unless you are willing to change and grow.


This area of healing is all about falling back in love with who you are and building healthy self-esteem. “Speaking life” over you and everything that concerns you. This is about getting to a healthy place within yourself where you are believing in yourself, motivating yourself, valuing yourself and unconditionally loving yourself. These are the things that will allow you to attract healthy people into your life. Here is where you become emotionally and mentally healthy.


Here we begin focusing on what you want in your life. Do you want to attract a healthy partner into your life? Do you want to manage your chronic stress? Do you want to move on from your past? This is the most exciting place to be because you are in the driver’s seat and you dictate what happens next in your life.

One-time coaching

 Individual Coaching Session


(sliding scale fee for those who qualify)

Individual coaching sessions are for clients that would like a one-time session with Nia. If want some clarity, guidance or tips on what specifically you are going through, then you may book your session TODAY!

Please contact me first before purchasing

Private coaching

$1,500 – 4 weeks

My Private Coaching is an exclusive 4-Week Commitment which includes:

  • One weekly phone session (hour in length) where we will begin working on your goals and how to move you forward.
  • Weekly tailored homework assignments that must be completed each week. These assignments are specific to what you are currently going through. They will help you to begin establishing healthy new habits in your life such as positive self-talk, setting healthy boundaries, self-motivation, journal reflection,
     meditation/prayer, etc.
  • email access  from 10am- 8pm 6 days/wk while you are coaching. Throughout this process, you will be able to email me with your questions, concerns and goals.
  • During your time coaching you will also have access to my online course “14 Mission to Emotional Healing” and “Releasing Stress. Habits, Mindset, Body & Soul”. You will have access to these courses for an entire year. Our sessions will help reinforce what you are learning and discussing from week to week. 

Single Session 45 minutes)

Single Session appointments are appointments that are made ahead of time to either speak via phone call or via video conference. I have 45 minute sessions available. To utilize online booking, sessions must be booked with more than 24 hours notice. If a phone/video session needs to be scheduled within a 24 hour period, please contact me directly through text or call and together we will schedule an appointment. Single sessions can be bought week by week or can be purchased as additional sessions to add onto a purchased sessions pack. 

Unlimited Text/Email Interactions

My unlimited text/email interactions are only available in packs. This service can either be purchased as a monthly pack on it’s own or in addition to a sessions pack. When you purchase unlimited text/email interactions you are ale to contact me through texting or email anytime during my office hours. I will respond to you ASAP, but pre-scheduled sessions will take precedence. If contacted outside of office hours I will contact you at my earliest convenience.

During office hours you will have unlimited text/email responses for that calendar month. This package contains ONLY text and email services and does not provide you with any phone/video conferencing sessions.

Note: Sessions will take precedence of my time, but I will respond to all texts/emails in a timely fashion. Please contact me personally for partial month arrangements.

One 30-minute phone/video conference per week WITH unlimited text/email contacts during office hours.

One 30-minute phone/video conference per week WITH unlimited text/email contacts during office hours. Goes through 3 calendar months.

Sessions Pack (1 month or 3 month) ??(Recommended)

When you purchase a 1 month or 3-month package you are able to schedule your sessions weeks ahead of time as well as save money in comparison to purchasing the same amount of sessions in single sessions. With a pack you are entitled to one 30-minute phone or video conference per week. Packs are available both with and without the unlimited text/email interactions to fit your individual needs.

One 30-minute session per week for that calendar month. No texting/email services are included.

One 30-minute phone/video conference per week WITH unlimited text/email contacts during office hours.