Courses (coming soon!)

14 Day Mission to Emotional Healing

This course is designed to help you get out of your emotional prison. All of us have pain and baggage from our past, but few of us know how to deal with the pain as they’re happening. The 14 Day Mission to Emotional Healing is a step-by-step guide to emotional health that will guide you from toxic emotions and bondage from the past and into total healing. This unique online experience provides 14 daily plans, presentation video content, journal and personal application exercises that will help transform your life and relationships.

Releasing Stress. Habits, Mindset, Body & Soul

Habits, Mindset, Soul & Body is a course that digs deep into how these four pillars can affect your stress levels and everything in your life. It provides helpful ways to alleviate stress as well mindfulness exercises

Breaking out of Emotional Prison(coming soon)

This course details the process of how to heal from loss, disappointment, and other emotional trauma. It defines what both emotional and psychological trauma is as well as  explores how our defense mechanisms we employ such as denial, repressions, acting out or rationalization keep us stuck in an emotional prison. While we believe putting up a defensive wall will shield us from ever being hurt again, we don’t realize how the keep us stuck with feelings of unforgiveness, anger bitterness, sadness. This course will educate you on the psychological implications that those emotions I just mentioned have on have a negative effect on both our livelihood and our bodies.  As you go through the course, you will gain an understanding of the impact of negative thoughts and emotions and recognize that change needs to be made in order for healing to begin.